For cold set and baked enamels and primers and flexographic inks.

RI Chem manufactures two kinds of polyamide resins: polyamides which are used as epoxy hardeners and polyamides used for printing inks .

Polyamides used as epoxy hardeners are room temperature curing resins.  That produce tough, resilient, and flexible polymers with good moisture resistance when cross-linked with epoxy resins. Curing can be accelerated with heat.

Polyamides for printing inks are thermoplastic polyamide resins used for flexographic and gravure type inks formulated with high alcohol content. They are very well suited for high speed printing of treated polyolefin films (polyethylene and polypropylene), as well as PVDC (polyvinylidene coated cellophane). Such inks are ideal for polyolefin bread wraps and other pastry products. Being thermoplastic, they should not be used in heat sealed areas.

  • Enamels & primers (cold set and baked)
Polyamide Solution
  • Enamels & primers (cold set and baked)
Amido Polyamide
  • Adhesives and high solids coatings
  • Adhesives and coatings