For cold set and baked chemical resistant coatings and primers, can coatings, varnishes and air-dry primers.

Epoxy resins are reaction products of bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin. These resins are cross-linked with other reactive groups, such as polyamides, polyamines, urea and phenolic resins to achieve chemical and solvent resistance, adhesion, hardness and flexibility.

Epoxy esters are formed by heating epoxy resins and fatty acids together until esterification is complete. Epoxy esters are intermediate in properties between epoxy resins and alkyds. In formulation, epoxy esters are similar to alkyds. They air-dry with the use of cobalt and other metallic driers. They are cross-linked with urea and melamine resins for baked coatings.

Hard Epoxy Resin
  • Cold set/baked chemical resistant coatings and primers
  • Modified with phenolic resins for can coatings
Epoxy Ester
  • Crown finishing varnishes, air-dry and baked primers
Epoxy Resin Solution
  • Cold set/baked chemical resistant coatings & primers