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Join our dynamic, passionate team that never stops learning and combines technology with trustworthiness, innovation with integrity, creativity with caring.

Sales and Customer Experience Department, Corporate Communications, Legal and Regulatory
ICT and Management Systems Department
Accounting Department
Human Resource and Administration Services Department
Research and Development Department

Mark Angelo A. Damuag

Internal Audit Manager

“I crunch numbers and analyze data. They say you are either good with numbers or with letters. I continue to learn both and strive to be better in working with others.”

Rizza D. Tandiama

Manager-Sales and Customer Experience

"My job requires me to intimately know everything that will impact our business ahead of anyone else in the company. It may seem like a badge of honor to be in this role, but it is no joke as it directly affects our sales targets."

Cristopher John M. Cenil

Enterprise Application Manager

“We need to prioritize which processes to automate. If we do not know what is important, then we will not know where to start in helping the company attain its objectives.”

Bonn Axell S. Moran

Technical Sales and Service Engineer

“Customer visits build connections beyond the product we sell. When we stay close to our customers and understand their needs, we keep their business.”

Leslie Ann M. Carlos

Business Development Manager

“Start-ups are exciting and challenging. Bumps along the way, but you quickly learn to adjust and move forward. I find the missing links and bridge the gaps.”

Robert John G. Java

Acting R&D Manager

“We can either launch a product or halt its development. Either way, it can be frustrating. We can be stuck or we can work on new product innovations. We always choose the latter.”