Acrylic resins usually refer to acrylic ester polymers, of which methyl methacrylate is the chief constituent. In some cases, methyl methacrylate is present merely as a modifier for other acrylic and non-acrylic constituents such as styrene, vinyl toluene and other vinyl-type polymerisable materials.

Because of their excellent gloss, color retention, and chemical, solvent and stain resistance, these resins are well suited for automotive and appliance finishes.

Thermosetting type
  • Industrial and other baked metal finishes; very high gloss/hardness
  • Automotive baked enamels with excellent gloss/color retention
  • With polyisocyanate, for automotive, appliances and decorative concrete finishes with excellent gloss/color retention, solvent/chemical resistance
  • Cross-linked with melamine resin for can coatings
  • Cross-linked with polyisocyanate and amino resin for industrial and other baked metal finishes
Thermoplastic type
  • Gloss rententive finishes for cars, trucks and other metal finishes. Excellent gloss/color retention