Claveria Tree Nursery Inc.: Chemistry to ChemisTREE

RI Chem subsidiary Claveria Tree Nursery Inc. (CTNI) located in Claveria, Misamis Oriental, promotes the replanting of Philippine production forests with fast-growing seedlings cloned from superior mother trees of species such bagras, acacia mangium and falcata.

These seedlings grow taller and attain bigger diameters than the usual seedlings grown from tree seeds.  Moreover, the waiting time for CTNI clones to become ready for harvest is about two or three years shorter than trees grown from seeds

Thus, CTNI seedlings produce better yield for tree farmers, contributing to poverty alleviation in the countryside.  They also help mitigate climate change through highly efficient carbon capture.

CTNI has made significant strides in corporate social responsibility with the establishment in Mindanao of  barangay nurseries encompassing some 300 hectares and directly benefitting over 900 members from community-based organizations, mostly indigenous people.

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