Plywood and Woodworks

In line with their practice of Green Chemistry, RI Chem created products for interior and exterior paints, gloss and semi-gloss finishes for woodworks and packaging.

Products and Industries / Plywood and Woodworks


Plywood adhesive Resins

Emulsions are either homopolymers or copolymers of vinyl acetate, styrene, or acrylic monomers produced by a process known as “emulsion polymerization”. They are made up of 45-55% by weight of polymers dispersed in water and are the bases of water-based coatings or latex paints.
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Emulsion Adhesive

Latex paints are widely used for concrete surfaces because of their good alkali and water resistance and excellent outdoor durability. In addition, they have won acceptance being water-based.
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Hot Melt

Film-formation of water-based coatings begins when water evaporates, bringing the resin particles into close contact with one another. Inner-particle forces causes fusion of the individual particle entrapping any pigment and plasticizer thay may have been present in the water phase, thus, producing a continous film.
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